Many people think that an eye examination is purely for getting spectacles and so, they should only visit an eye clinic when they cannot read small prints or see things far away clearly or when their eyes hurt. This is a wrong and dangerous attitude to eye care.

It is an Ultimate advice to check your eyes routinely even when they do not hurt and when you feel that you ‘see’ perfectly. The reason is that our eyes do not always hurt when there is something wrong.

A person could be at an advanced stage of glaucoma without even knowing it! Sadly enough, many people have gone blind from chronic glaucoma simply because they showed up at the clinic when they had symptoms by which time it was already too late!

Vision loss from glaucoma is preventable: early detection is the key to successful management and vision preservation.

Also, a good number of general body diseases can be detected in the course of a comprehensive eye examination. These diseases include:


High blood Pressure

High cholesterol

Some forms of brain tumor


Doctors at Ultimate Eye Clinic use state-of-the-art equipment, to diagnose, manage and treat all patients.